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Later, we returned to the area to visit the Glaciereum Museum which showed how the alps were formed, what Lucerne looked like in 1792, different types of home architecture, what the Alps looked like from the air, and how pot holes were formed in rock by glaciers. This museum was adjacent to an area of rock, with those pot holes, which had been preserved for the public to see. Fascinating!

Back at the hotel, we learned that there had been an avalanche, on the road between Lake Geneve and Bern, within hours of our passing through it. Every so often, you get lucky. Had we been trapped on the other side, it is only speculation as to how much of our trip route would have been cancelled. I certainly would have hated to loose out on Lucerne. Such a lovely spot! A boat ride on the lake, surrounded by the Alps, and verdant green shores just topped it off for me. What a lovely place to retire! If only I spoke the language, that would be the place!