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Laos - February 2003

Ilya Makedon

[Previously the author had been in Thailand]

I couldn't find Chebon in town for last couple of days there so I left Vang Vieng with Youshiko and Yusay. We took the bus to Vientiane and got a room. We spent the day walking around the city. Vientiane is by far my favorite place in Laos. It is the only place I've been to in this country whose main focus is something other than ripping tourists off,... I mean entertaining them. Yes, Vientiane is a real Asian city. It has cheap food and services and a chill atmosphere.

In the evening I went to this little place in the city to read a book until I got tired. The place turned out to be the lady-man hang out. No need to say that I didn't get much reading done.

[Continued:  Thailand]

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