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them that we had really big guns and that if they did not move we would not be able to shoot without hurting them or their herds. This is when I learned the classic Arabic phrase, "Insh Allah" which means God's will. The Muslims believe that everything that happens is a direct result of the desires of Allah so if we could not shoot because of their presence then that is what Allah willed. When they refused to move I took the opportunity to show them another version of Allah's will when I had my gunline fire a volley of 155mm howitzer shells. They were close enough to the guns that the concussion really caught them by surprise and caused some nnging in their ears.
Despite this encounter there appeared to be no hard feelings because the Bedouins continued to hang out near our position. Occasionally they would venture up to one of the vehicles and try to burn some MREs or cokes. They were seemed very curious but still stayed away from the howitzers after my little message.
My only other encounter with the Bedouins was when I was out zooming around the desert in my HMMWV and passed a little too close to one of their camps. I heard one of the Marines in my vehicle yelling something and my driver did as well and started to slow down. I soon realized what he was yelling about. Some of the shepard dogs decided we were too close to the herd so they started chasing the vehicle. When we slowed down enough the dogs all but ripped my tires off. I have never seen anything like that before. My driver finally got going again but I was waiting for those things to come in the windows after us. These guys had a little more energy than the dogs in Thailand.
That about covers the highlights of my stay in Kuwait. I can not say that I would recommend this place to anyone for a vacation. If you would like to experience something similar stick your head in an oven that is about 350 degrees, place an open trash can in there with you, and have a friend pour sand down your shirt and in your face.
Unfortunately, I can not get the pictures I took with the digital camera onto the computer so they will not be included in this letter. I will continue to work on this and hopefully get them out to you soon.