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Tokyo, Japan - April 1999

A Post Card from

Richard Seibert

Dear Nana & Grandad:
We are having a great time here in Tokyo. I am glad we did this even though it would have been more fun with Alisa. We visited the Imperial Garden (it was part of the Discovery Video - The Littlest Duckling that Nana got Allie). We had dinner at Tomy Roma's and Johnny Rockets. We walked around the Ginza and Roppongi District - we did not, however, visit the "Gas Panic" District - newly named after the gas terrorist incedent. Love, Rich, Allie, Nick

Kanilnarimon --Asakusa depicts a typical Japanese atmosphere. The picture shows the famed Kanilnarimon paper lantern, the picture of which remains for a long time in the memories of it's foreign visitors.