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And a later quote, same source: "The Giant's Causeway is composed of a rock known as BASALT, which is an IGNEOUS ROCK, that is it forms by the cooling and hardening of molten material produced from deep in the earth at temperatures of around 1100 degrees C. Throughout the 18th century however natural scientists had been debating the origin of crystalline rocks such as basalt and two principal school of thought had developed. The "NEPTUNISTS" led by Abraham Werver (1749-1817) regarded all such rocks as the result of crystallisation from sea water, while the "VULCANISTS", with Nichuha Desmarest (1725-18 15) as the main spokesman, believed them to be the products of volcanic eruptious.."

The Causeway type rocks extend along the coast of Northern Ireland, between Portrush and Ballycastle a distance of about twenty three miles. These hexagonal giants appear intermittently along this stretch of coast hae, along with white chalky cliffs and other types of rocks. They are known to have been formed during the Cainozoric Period and it seems there is a general consenses of opinion that they are a result of lava bursting from the earth's crust and being cooled so quickly by the ocean that they develaped their shape. Nevertheless, quoting from Paul Lyla's book again: "The Giant's Causeway has been granted the status of World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cuitural Organisatlan (UNESCO), fulfilling the criteria required in representing a major stage of the earth's evolationary history and containing superlative natural phenomena and features. The Causeway area is owned and managed for the nation by the National Trust and as part of its conservation policy and the Department of the Environment (NI.) has designated the Causeway Coast area an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AGNE).

Although I only spent about a half hour among the Causeway rocks. I was quite charged up with excitensent, and felt extraordinarily blessed with the experience. My excitement of just being there amidst this phenomena lasted on into the day. My resolve is now that some day I shall return to spend two or three weeks exploring the area. Certainly, t shall rent a car, but also, I hope to be able to rent a plane and see it from the air, and rent a boat and see it from the sea, up close and personel. Just thinking about this makes my energy soar. Yes indeed, it certainly is another "must-do" and I will, some day.