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Ah to be in England when the frost is on the pumpkin. Well, we were there in May and there were no pumpkins, and there was no frost, in fact there wasn't even any rain, until we got into Scotland. We had beautiful weather, and contrary to popular belief, the food was wonderful. Perhaps, Globus, our touring company, saw to that. In London, we stayed in Novato Hotel which was old and a bit shabby, but adequate, and after we hit the road, our rooms got better and better. In my journal, I describe them as lovely, beautiful, almost elegant.

Our tour guide for the entire two weeks was a handsome young man, named Tristan Borrell. He was charming, well organized, very knowledgeable, as well as humorous and fun. We felt very safe in his hands, for he knew his business well and was a natural leader.

After unpacking, we took a cab over to the British Museum to see their Egyptian Collection, which was not on our tour and, although I slept in the cabs, both to and from the Museum, it was well worth the time invested. After a two hour nap, we joined some of our tour group for dinner cruise, which was one of the "extras" which all tours seem to have. It has been my experience, these "extra" side trips, not included in the tour package, are always worth it, and I always bring extra money and sign up for them. We had the most delightful river tour guide. In my opinion, Mick Haley could have been a stand-up comedian, and of course he was so informative, we felt we had, in one night, seen the whole city.