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Whistler Valley, British Columbia, Canada - February 2003

A Post Card from

Robert Blitz

We're having lots of fun and the skiing in the snow and rain was very good, especially after we all dried out.  This is truly a major facility. It seems to go on fore ever.      Bob

Post Card:  View of Whistler Valley with Blackcomb Mountain on the left and Whistler Mountain on the right, both rising over 5000 feet above Whistler Village.  The resort is the #lski and snowboard resort in North America.


Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada - April 2002

A Post Card from 

Rich, Alisa, Nick and Allie Seibert

27 April 02

We took the ferry from Port Angeles [Washington] to Victoria - we had the BEST weather and the kids have had a blast at the BC Royal Museum and the Victoria Bug Zoo.

We dined tonight at the "Sticky Wicket" an English style pub. We are scoping the place out for your next visit. Take care



Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Louise Carlson

Home of the Stratford Festival For theater-lovers, this is heaven on earth!  There are not too many other places that have 3 theaters running at least 3 plays each for the months of May through November.  This small town, not too far from Toronto or Detroit, was once a railroad center located in an agricultural area.  Then in 1953 the town fathers led by Tom Patterson, brought Tyrone Guthrie from England to design a theater.  I missed the early years when they performed under a huge tent, but I certainly enjoy productions in the Festival Theater which is designed to look like a tent.  A recently acquired sculpture portrays a man struggling to raise the tent while a young girl and her dog sit on bleachers watching (and waiting for the first production, no doubt).  This huge theater with its thrust stage seats 2300 patrons.  "Hamlet", "The Three Musketeers", "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Tartuffe" will be presented here during the 2000 Season.  Being called to our seats by 4 ceremonial trumpets and a drum roll send shivers down my spine every time.  The theater has a beautiful location overlooking the Avon River (what else?) and has lovely formal gardens, as well. 

The second theater with seating for 1,100 is the Avon Theater located right downtown. It has the traditional proscenium stage.  Iıve seen  musicals from "West Side Story" to Gilbert and Sullivanıs "Mikado"  on this stage.  In 2000 they will be presenting "As You Like It" and "The Diary of Anne Frank" at the Avon.  There are many restaurants in the neighborhood as well. 

The Third Stage is now named the Tom Patterson Theatre.  It is located in a former field house - not very large.  It seats 500 on three sides of a central stage.  Many new works and dramas featuring the young actors in the company are performed here.  We have seen many exciting productions at this theater. 

Since this is a repertory company, the actors perform in several plays that are running concurrently.  This gives the audience the opportunity to see the wide range of talents available.  Brian Bedford, Maggie Smith, Megan Follows and Lewis Gordon are among the many well-known actors who have graced these stages. 

In addition to the theaters, Stratford has a wonderful art gallery - The Gallery Stratford.  Usually at least one of the exhibits every summer has focused on some aspect of the theater. There are also several other villages in the area that are worth a visit: St. Mary's, Shakespeare, St Jacobs and Waterloo, among others. 

My friends and I really enjoy being able to stay in the homes of Stratford residents while seeing 8 or 9 plays during our stay.  These arrangements can be made through the box office when ordering tickets for the plays. It couldn't be easier.  Usually it is possible to visit now and then with the host/hostess about the weather, the plays, whatıs going on with Canadian politics, and where are the best places in town to eat.  One comes away with some wonderful memories of the town, its residents and the incredible quality of the theater. For information on this yearıs playbill, I suggest you check out their web-site:  


and enjoy your visit!  Iıve been going there since 1977 and have never been disappointed.