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Aruba - January 1995

Vicky Blitz

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What a strange little island, Aruba.  Other nations landed here, looked at it's rather bleak landscape, discovered it had no drinking water and moved on.  But then came the amazing Dutch who also looked it over, decided it had merit and raised their flag.  But then these were the stalwart folks that when they felt they needed more land, instead of going to war with their neighbors, just pushed the sea back.

They have built a desalinization plant, thereby converting the sea water into drinkable water.  They have built a luxurious hotel complex.  They have planted palm trees and grass and flowers in strategic places for the customers.  And they have encouraged a few sport professionals to make available such sports as snorkeling, paragliding, sailing, fishing, etc. and, my goodness, there you have it...paradise.  An enviable island paradise. 

While husband, Bob, went snorkeling aboard a beautiful catamaran, I took a tour of the island.  Several communities have sprung up all over the island.  We stopped for some magnificent views of cliffs, barren beaches, wonderful huge rocks, one in particular had been cut through by the ocean to form a natural bridge, and ocean, ocean, ocean.  Of course there was the wonderful little tourist shop, with it's strange and fascinating little garden of rocks, sand, flowers, and a few palm trees, built by someone with flair and imagination, who turned nothing into something lovely and fun.

Although we only spent one afternoon there, when we left Aruba, I went away with an increased admiration and respect for the Dutch. 

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