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that's what they told us at the Mendenhal Glacier in Alaska. But the Mendenhal is much smaller than the Perito Moreno. In fact, as we were drifting in the water near the Perito Moreno, we discovered how very deceiving the prospective can be, unless you have some point of reference. And we, fortunately got that point of reference. Someone exclaimed, "Look! Over there! Mountain climbers!" We looked and were shocked to see they looked like ants. They were., perhaps, ten times smaller than we would have expected. Translated: the Perito Moreno was ten times LARGER than we thought it was.

The next morning, we boarded our bus and left Calafafe and Argentina for Chile and later Peru.
And so, goodbye Argentina! Argentina with it's majestic mountains, fantastic forests, lakes, rivers and long boring rides or flights to get to the three brightest spots in my memory book, the Magellan Penguins, the Perito Moreno Glacier and lovely little little town of Ushuaia. Adios Argentina!